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99cent-Suspense-Adventure-”The Devil’s Road To Kathmandu” by Tom Vater


Devils Road to KathmanduThe Devil’s Road To Kathmandu’ by Tom Vater

99cents for a Limited Time ONLY

In 1976, four friends, Dan, Fred, Tim and Thierry, drive a bus along the hippie trail from London to Kathmandu. En Route in Pakistan, a drug deal goes badly wrong, yet the boys escape with their lives and the narcotics. Thousands of kilometers, numerous acid trips, accidents, nightclubs and a pair of beautiful Siamese twins later, as they finally reach the counter-culture capital of the world, Kathmandu, Fred disappears with the drug money.

A quarter century later, after receiving mysterious emails inviting them to pick up their share of the money, Dan, Tim and Thierry are back in Kathmandu.

The Nepalese capital is not the blissful mountain backwater they remember. Soon a trail of kidnapping and murder leads across the Roof of the World. With the help of Dan’s backpacking son, a tattooed lady and a Buddhist angel, the ageing hippies try to solve a 25-year old mystery that leads them amongst Himalayan peaks for a dramatic showdown with their past.


FREE-Suspense-”The End” by Dave Lacey

The-End-2The End by Dave Lacey

FREE for a Limited Time ONLY!

1965 South East Mexico. A discovery is made near Tortuguero Nuevo, an artefact which points toward a future event. It is coming. In the present day, Jack Sumner and Nick Moretti, two detectives either side of the Atlantic, both drawn into a string of murders which are linked by a common goal. To hide the truth. The two separate lines of investigation begin to draw to a conclusion. Slowly they are nearing the truth. It is coming. When The End comes, fate leaves one man with the key to salvation.

See what reviewers are saying:

“…Read this book whilst on holiday and must say it was a really good story. Managed to get through it in two days…” (Amazon 5 stars)

“…I really enjoyed this book. Great story and original characters. When I got to the final chapters, I missed a night’s sleep because I couldn’t put it down…” (Amazon 5 stars)


99cents-British Cozy-”Filey Connection” by David W. Robinson

 Filey ConnectionThe Filey Connection (A traditional British cozy mystery, The Filey Connection is the first in the STAC Mystery series) by David W Robinson

99cents for a Limited Time ONLY!

It’s summertime, and the Sanford 3rd Age Club are living it up in the seaside town of Filey. But the hot days don’t pass without problems for amateur sleuth, Joe Murray.

Was Nicola Leach’s death an accident or deliberate? Did Eddie Dobson fall into the sea or did he jump? What’s going on behind the innocent façade – and closed doors – of the Beachside Hotel? And who raided Joe’s room? Joe and his sidekicks must find the answers to solve the mystery of The Filey Connection. Reviewer Nanjar said, “The characters all seem like people you have met at sometime, so real in speech or in nature.”


$1.99-Mystery series-”Executive Lunch” by Maria E Schneider

Executive LunchExecutive Lunch by Maria E Schneider

$1.99 for a Limited Time ONLY!

Sedona is given the opportunity of a lifetime: play an up-and-coming executive with all the trappings of wealth with someone else footing the bill.

The catch: find out who is stealing company funds before the criminals find out that their program is being debugged. Sedona runs into danger, the corporate glass ceiling, and an occasional chance at romance in her quest to figure out who is stealing money from Strandfrost. Unfortunately, Sedona is better at writing computer code than deciphering political vitriol, and if she doesn’t find a way to wade through the red tape and red herrings, she could lose both her job and her quarry!



$2.99-NEW Mystery-”Stinger” by Mike Bove

 StingerStinger Maguire by Mike Bove
NEW Mystery $2.99 on Kindle

Taryn Maguire was good at hitting the shot called a stinger, good enough to get on the PGA Tour.
Taryn was called “Stinger.” He was a top golfer and known as a humanitarian. But then he is brutally murdered after returning to his hometown, Willowtree, Arizona, for a charity event.
Bruce DelReno, a retired postman and golf enthusiast, found the body and becomes emotionally involved in the murder investigation.
With his friends, including Ben Samuel, his Apache sidekick, he uncovers secrets long held by people in Willowtree.
When Stinger’s own secret is discovered it becomes a bigger story than his death.
Fans of “Willowtree,” the first Bruce DelReno Mystery, will find more of Bruce’s unique relationships with friends, the police, witnesses, and suspects. And, of course, more of his dry humor, and love of his wife, dog, food, and golf.

99cents-Mystery-”GURL-POSSE KIDNAP” by Peter Prasad

GurlPosse_small7GURL-POSSE KIDNAP by Peter Prasad

99cents for a Limited Time ONLY!

A post-modern thriller with a few vicious twists. A drug deal unravels into murder, kidnap and redemption as Sonoma PI Jake Knight helps his client see the light.

5-Stars: I’m blown away! I enjoyed it so much. This book is like one of those multi-layered cream and berry torte’s that sit in the window of a bakery in Paris. The story is allowed to unfold slowly, to introduce you to Jake, a military veteran, and recent local boy turned state hero. He owns a farm that raises sheep, and he rents part of his homestead to people who use his milk production to make cheese. His newest job is as a private investigator in a company also run by an
ex-military man.



99cents-Mystery-”Limoncello Yellow” by Traci Andrighetti

Limoncello-YellowLimoncello Yellow by Traci Andrighetti

99cents for a Limited Time ONLY!

“Franki” Amato is a tough-talking rookie cop in Austin, Texas—until an unfortunate 911 call involving her boyfriend, Vince, and a German female wrestler convinces her once and for all that she just isn’t cut out for a life on the police force. So Franki makes the snap decision to move to New Orleans to work at her friend Veronica’s detective agency, Private Chicks, Inc.

But Franki’s hopes for a more stable life are soon dashed when Private Chicks is hired by the prime suspect in a murder case to find out what really happened to a beautiful young boutique manager who was found strangled to death with a cheap yellow scarf. When she’s not investigating, Franki is hoping to seduce handsome bank executive Bradley Hartmann, but most of her time is spent dodging date offers from a string of “good Italian boys”—make that not-so-good aging Italian men—that her meddlesome Sicilian grandma has recruited as marriage candidates. As Mardi Gras approaches and the mystery of the murdered shop girl gets more complicated, Franki must decipher the odd ramblings of a voodoo priestess to solve both the murder and the mystery of her own love life.



99cents-Legal Thriller Series “The Advocate” by Teresa Burrell

The advocateThe Advocate by Teresa Burrell

99cents on Kindle Now!

The Advocate, a legal suspense murder mystery, is the first book in The Advocate Series. Three characters continue throughout the series, Sabre Orin Brown, defense attorney, her investigator, JP Torn, and her colleague, Bob Clark. 

The Advocate is followed by The Advocate’s Betrayal, The Advocate’s Conviction, The Advocate’s Dilemma, and The Advocate’s Ex Parte.


99cents-An Australian Novel of Romantic Suspense-”The Devils’ Cradle by Darcy Daniel

The-Devils-Cradle-cover-imageThe Devils’ Cradle by Darcy Daniel

99cents for a Limited Time ONLY

Book Synopsis/Reviews:
On Australia’s island state, more than one species of Tasmanian Devil exists…

Beneath the surface of Nina Holt’s perfect marriage lurks a life of terror inflicted upon her by her politically powerful husband Michael and his brother Greg, a sadistic detective. For over a decade they have managed to keep Nina imprisoned, using her to satisfy their every whim.

Worse still, the only light in her life—her 9-year-old son, Sam—considers Michael a hero. When Tina and her son crash the car in an attempt to escape, a kind motorist offers to help. But Nina is unaware that he has his own plans for her,  igniting a deadly game of cat and mouse as they flee across Tasmania with Sam.

$1.99-Mystery “Dry Bones” by G. Miki Hayden

DRY-BONES-KindleDry Bones by G. Miki Hayden

$1.99 for a Limited Time ONLY!

In Dry Bones, Holder (Oklahoma) Senior Police Officer Aaron Clement must solve an old case of the murder of two boys, help in the investigation and mitigation of the sentence of a woman who has killed
her husband, and find the kidnapper and rapist of his son’s fiancé.

He does all that, entertains the possibility of romance, and even takes in a stray dog.

$2.99-Romantic Suspense-”Dead Delicious” by Anastasia Amor

DeadDeliciousDead Delicious: Adie Sturm Mystery by Anastasia Amor

NEW RELEASE $2.99 on Kindle Now!

SEDUCTION…GREED…REVENGE Strong smart Adie Sturm returns to Cozumel for more steamy suspense. Boyfriend Wolf Du Lac asks Adie to investigate billionaire Diego Alvarez’s company. Crystal skulls, Swiss bank accounts and hostile take-overs push her down a dangerous path.

Murder and more murder. Adie is busy trying to stay alive. Love isn’t easy either in Cozumel. Sinfully-rich and creamy delicious men like chocolate are hot to claim Adie Sturm. Trouble is…none of them can be trusted.  Martial artist Adie Sturm uses all her skills when a killer comes gunning for her but will she live long enough to find love?

99cents-Thriller-Horror “SEVEN-X” by Mike Wech

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000032_00029]SEVEN-X by Mike Wech

99cents for a Limited Time ONLY

SEVEN-X is the first book in the SEVEN-X Trilogy, revolving around Los Angeles Times Investigative Reporter Eddie Hansen, who gets a tip on a missing death row prisoner being held at a Behavioral Health Center in a remote location outside the small town of Dell City, Texas. With an opportunity to break the story, Eddie voluntarily commits himself into the asylum in hopes of finding Annette Dobson, “The SIDS Killer.” She is rumored to have had her execution faked so she could be shipped to the asylum, have an exorcism and give birth to the child the world thinks is dead.

Eddie’s journals, video diary and recordings leave a trail of breadcrumbs into experimental procedures conducted on patients without their consent. As he dives deeper into his investigation, Eddie is forced to confront his own demons as an unwilling participant in the asylum’s controversial rehabilitation procedures.

See what reviewers are saying:
Mike Wech has produced a stunning work with Seven-X … Seven-X is filled with characters that you will find not only
interesting but terrifying and deliciously confusing at the same time. Spend some time with Eddie at Uphir and ask yourself – Do I really know what I am capable of?” Review by Penny White for Readers’ Favorite

$2.99-Cozy, New Release “Murder a la Christie” by Marilyn Levinson

Murder a la Christie by Marilyn Levinson

Murder-a-la-Christie-150$2.99 NEW Release now on Kindle

Entertaining debut of a new cozy series! March 12, 2014 By J. Hanahan

This is the first book in a new series
The Golden Age Mystery Book Club led by Professor Lexie Driscoll sets the stage for a cast of characters, clues and a clever plot that keeps you turning the pages. They have gathered at their first meeting to discuss their book club choice of Agatha Christie’s “The Mysterious Affair at Styles” when a member of the book club falls over dead. Lexie overheard threats earlier and immediately suspects this is not the heart condition death everyone has suspected, so she sets out to find the murderer.

See what reviewers are saying:

“A well written novel with intriguing characters, good dialogue, multiple victims and a light romance, Ms. Levinson’s book captured my attention from the first page and never let go.”~Queen of All She Reads

FREE-Suspense-”Deadly Heirs” by Mike Ricksecker

DeadlyHeirs-800Deadly Heirs by Mike Ricksecker

FREE on Kindle for a Limited Time ONLY!

Saying Earl Kiddering is rich is like saying Babe Ruth hit a couple of home runs, but saying he’s dead is more accurate. A month after the billionaire drowns in his own swimming pool, Earl’s great-niece hires private investigator Chase Michael DeBarlo to find Kiddering’s missing will while other family members squabble over the fortune.

Dark family secrets are uncovered during Chase’s investigation, including adultery, and tax evasion — and Earl’s death continues to look less like an accident. In the meantime, Chase feels obligated to help his mother’s friend, a lounge singer who fears she is being stalked. He reluctantly takes the case, fearing it may infringe on his time with the Kiddering case — and it does. Deadly Heirs explores the loyalties (and disloyalties) of family bonds, exposes a private investigator’s time-management crisis, and uncovers the corruption of a mysterious art market.

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