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FREE – P.I. Thriller in “The Gray and Guilty Sea” by Scott William Carter

Grey and Guilty Sea

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The Gray and Guilty Sea by Scott William Carter 

FREE July 23-July 31, 2014
Winner of the Oregon Book Award 

A curmudgeon. An iconoclast. A loner. That’s how people describe Garrison Gage, and that’s when they’re being charitable.

After his wife’s brutal murder in New York, and Gage himself is beaten nearly to death, the crippled private investigator retreats three thousand miles to the quaint coastal town of Barnacle Bluffs, Oregon.

He spends the next five years in a convalescent stupor, content to bide his time filling out crossword puzzles and trying to forget that his wife’s death is his fault.

But all that changes when he discovers the body of a young woman washed up on the beach, and his conscience draws him back into his old occupation – forcing him to confront the demons of his own guilt before he can hope to solve the girl’s murder. 

See what reviewers are saying:
“Carter’s writing is on target.” – Publishers Weekly

99cents – Historical Mystery in “She Overheard Murder” by Jean Sheldon

perf5.500x8.500.inddShe Overheard Murder by Jean Sheldon 

99cents July 24-27, 2014
Finalist Lambda Literary Award 
The Nic and Nora Mystery series-mysteries solved by lesbian amateur detectives in post-World War II Chicago. 

On October 29, 1945, Nic Owen made her debut appearance as a radio detective on the new show Inez Ingalls, Private Eye. Hired only weeks earlier to read ad copy and work as an understudy, the murder of the shows star propels Nic to the lead role and a top spot on the list of suspects. Cecil Park, husband of the murdered woman, wants answers, as does Nora Hahn, Carolyn’s ‘special friend’ for fourteen years.


See what readers are saying:
She Overheard Murder serves up an enticing menu full of clues, close calls, and murder. Adding to the atmosphere is the deliciously authentic background of early radio and post-World War Chicago. …The characters are as interesting as the plot, which along with Sheldon’s excellent prose make this a winner. By Alice Lynn

Sheldon takes care to show her characters as normal men and women, who grieve when they suffer from loss, who are lonely for human discussion and interaction, who struggle with the same issues in different ways. By so doing, she demolishes the language that surrounds the homosexual lifestyle: that is, that being a homosexual is only about sexuality and not about love, life and family. Her characters, both lesbian and straight, are people who desire interaction, companionship and understanding.… Continue reading

$1.99-InternationalThriller in “Road Rash” by Simon Janus



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 Road Rash by Simon Janus

Simon Janus is the pen name for best selling author, Simon Wood

$1.99 July 22, 2014

James Straley might think his life is cursed, but it doesn’t compare to what lies ahead of him on life’s highway. He’s on the run with the proceeds of a botched bank robbery. It’s all he has. His crew is dead and his getaway car just died on him. He’s on foot with the cash when he comes across a two-car pileup. There’s no saving the drivers, but he can save himself and steals one of the wrecked cars.

But he boosts the wrong set of wheels. Within an hour of driving off, he develops a rash that eats away at his flesh.

No doctor can help him–only the car’s original owner.

If Straley wants his skin back, he must journey on the road to redemption, which ends in the heart of Central America.


See what reviewers are saying:

“No way any kind of salve or ointment is going to take the sting out of Simon Wood’s “Road Rash”! It’s about a thief who’s running away from a crime he’s committed and comes across an accident on the highway. Needing a getaway car, he runs over to the accident and what he finds inside the car is a man who’s covered in sore’s from some type of disease. Desperately needing a getaway car, he gets inside it despite all of the blood everywhere.… Continue reading

FREE – Faith based Mystery in “Compulsion” by J.J. Johnson


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Compulsion (Short Story) by J.J. Johnson 

 FREE – July 22-31, 2014
Sitting atop the town’s water tower, pastor Vance Howard finds himself drawn deep into a conversation with a suicidal man named Jake.

A man that brings to light the horrors of Vance’s own past. Horrors that cause Vance to question his faith, sanity, and everything he thought he was capable of… Compulsion is the gripping short story that causes one to ask “is there a limit to forgiveness…?” 

See what reviewers are saying:  
This book was engaging from the beginning to the end. The story was well thought out and the twists kept the pace of the story moving. There was enough detail to make me feel like I knew the characters, felt the conflict, and was satisfied with the resolution. All in all, the book had all the right pieces and flow to make it successful.” Kirstin Puliofff

“This short story was a great read that made you rethink forgiveness. Some of us have this idea that we can forgive easily, ourselves or others, but this book brings into perspective how hard forgiveness can be. After reading Compulsion I realized that by trying to be so “good” at forgiving we overlook the fact that we are only human, forgiveness can take time, and it has to be sought after. Also there can be a fine line between good and evil. This book is not predictable.” by blfox123



FREE – Mystery in “Life of Secrets” by Bowen Greenwood



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Life of Secrets by Bowen Greenwood 

FREE 7-22-23, 2014

Alyssa Chambers is rich and privileged by birth, but a criminal by choice. She steals secrets from the powerful and influential, and sells them to whoever pays – and they pay very well. But when someone assassinates a Presidential candidate in an office Alyssa just robbed, she’s framed for the murder and her whole life goes up in smoke. Now she’s running for her life, hunted and alone. The last man she can trust is the one she can’t stop betraying. To survive, clear her name, and uncover the assassin, she must face the truth about her past, the truth about her family, and the truth about her Life of Secrets. This political thriller will grip you right to the very end.

See What reviewers are saying:

By Bruce Epperly “A spellbinder with values. I spent a glorious afternoon, retreating with this book, after a hard week. I came out refreshed and relaxed. Bowen Greenwood’s characters are engaging and the plot captivating. A great summer beach read.”

By Ron Batty (Australia) “A very well written novel that keeps you on the edge of your seat – thrilling and full of surprises. Once started it was very hard to put down. A book that is well worth reading and a great follow up to Death Of Secrets. Waiting for the next novel. Well done – well written – highly recommended for the thriller/mystery readers. “



FREE – Romantic Suspense in “RESCUING HER HONOR” by Johnny Ray


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FREE July 22-25, 2014
INTERNATIONAL BEST SELLING NOVELIST JOHNNY RAY has written an action and adventure filled novel that follows up on his previous best selling novel HER HONOR’S BODYGUARD.

With so many people asking for more, Johnny Ray decided to extend the story and take Vance and Noella on to Europe where they have to solve a mystery in order to gain their freedom and to be able to share their life together as husband and wife. This is one crime, a family secret, that will test every ounce of their love for each other, and hopefully will not tear their families apart.

Noella had thought they had stopped the stalkers, and several corrupt governmental factions who wanted her to step down from being a judge. 

That is until the treats reappeared.  Vance, her bodyguard turned fiancée also thought so. 

But then again, many secrets are still hidden deep inside a safety deposit box in Switzerland. While going to receive Vance’s inheritance in Zurich could be a dream vacation for this now engaged couple, who only want to work out some serious conflicts in their wedding and careers, sinister politicians and crooked cops have other plans waiting for them in Europe. 

See what reviewers are saying:

“This series rocks!” by Sam (An Avid Gamer)

“Romance you won’t regret reading.” By Niki. Mattes 


FREE – Mystery in “The Enemy We Know” by Donna White Glaser


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The Enemy We Know by Donna White Glaser 

FREE July 22-31, 2014
Psychotherapist Letty Whittaker, a professional secret keeper, has a secret of her own. When one of her clients slips free from an abusive boyfriend, Letty becomes the target of his violent rage. Wayne invades Letty’s life, slithering his way past the barriers erected between her personal and professional lives, leaving gifts of dead rats, mutilated dolls, and freaky Shakespearian sonnets. Worst of all, Wayne uncovers Letty’s deepest shame, infiltrating her AA group and threatening to expose her to the state licensing board.

And then–good news–Wayne is murdered. The bad news? The police suspect Letty. Worse yet, the sonnets and bloody souvenirs keep coming. Someone else has been watching Letty. Someone eager to drop bodies at her feet like a cat offering dead mole trophies to his mistress.

Someone willing to kill again. 

See what reviewers are saying:
“The Enemy We Know is an intriguing, funny, and moving story peopled with characters you will remember long after the last page. If Letty lived in my neighborhood I’d buy her a virgin margarita and talk about all the people we know who are just as odd as we are.”-Lois Greiman, award winning author of Unzipped

“Totally enjoyable read. Started on the airplane and finished it in the dark w/a flashlight and screamed when the battery died at a part that would require a ‘spoiler alert!’ I highly recommend… Continue reading

FREE-Mystery, Humor in “Lady Justice and the Pharaoh’s Curse” by Robert Thornhill

Lady Justice and the pharohs curse

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Lady Justice and the Pharaoh’s Curse by Robert Thornhill 

Free July 22-25, 2014
An artifact is stolen from the King Tut exhibit, setting in motion a string of bizarre murders that baffle the Kansas City Police Department.
A local author simultaneously releases his novel, The Curse of the Pharaohs, attributing the deaths to an ancient prophesy, ‘Death shall come on swift wings to him who disturbs the peace of the King.’

Are the deaths the result of an ancient curse or modern day mayhem?
Follow the clues with Walt and decide for yourself! 





See what reviewers are saying:  

“Being from KC and living on Maui, I am so glad to find Robert’s books. I have now read all of them and this one was just as fantastic as the others. Mr. Thornhill brings me back home in each book he writes as i know exactly all the places he mentions. And Lady Justice gets Leid was great as living on Maui he took me to place I know of as well! Even if you are not from Kansas City or live on Maui The Lady Justice Series is one to not pass up. Robert can keep you engrossed in mystery and rolling on the floor from laughter! You will love all the characters in his books. Keep on with the Lady Justice Series. And after reading this one, I’ve got Egypt on my bucket List!” By Dynamofan


99cents-Historical Western Mystery: “Silver Lies” by Ann Parker

Silver lies final

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Silver Lies: A Silver Rush Mystery by Ann Parker

#1 (Silver Rush Mysteries)

99cents July 19-29, 2014

Meet Inez Stannert, the poker-playing, straight-talking, gun-toting owner of the Silver Queen Saloon and the heroine of Parker’s excellent debut, set in wintry Leadville, Colo., during the 1879 silver boom.

Inez is married, yet her husband disappeared six months earlier with nary a trace. Her partner at the saloon, Abe Jackson, happens to be a free black man, to the dismay of much of Leadville’s uptight and prejudiced populace.

When a frozen corpse turns up in the mucky alley behind the saloon, Inez and Abe, still reeling from the damage caused by a barroom brawl, are shocked to learn it’s their friend, precious-metals assayer Joe Rose. Joe, it seems, had a gambling problem and a nasty secret.

His death puts Inez and Abe at odds with a crooked lawman, an infamous madam, a spurned suitor and the mysterious stranger who rides into town as the new minister. Drawing on historic facts and figures of 1870s Colorado, Parker tells a gripping tale of love, greed and murder in the Old West, with a cast of convincing, larger-than-life characters, including a brief appearance from Bat Masterson himself. Inez is a woman well ahead of her time and a welcome addition to the genre, as is Parker, who has left enough loose ends to beckon readers to the next Leadville mystery.

See what Reviewers are saying:

“Silver Lies is a tale of… Continue reading

$1.99 -Mystery, Romance in “Tangled”A Boxed Set of 4 novels


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 Tangled: A Boxed Set by Laura Landon, Pam Crooks, Cheryl St.John, Bailey Bristol 

$1.99-July 17-29, 2014
TANGLED: Four full-length novels of passion, mystery and redemption by USA Today, Barnes & Noble and Amazon bestselling authors. In each story, each of these women had the courage to face her fears and build a life nobody thought possible. And in each story, a man gained her trust and nearly tore her dream to shreds. Yet out of the wreckage came a love each woman thought she’d never know. 

See what reviewers are saying: 
“Boxed sets at a low price are an exciting enticement for me but when they turn out as good as this one did, I can’t help but be thrilled!… “by Lucilu

“These books were rated with five stars, because they were so interesting and realistic. These type of books help me to forget, for a little while, all the terrible events that are happening in the world.” By Paula Rhodes 





$2.99- “Water: A Vic Benston Investigation” by Richard J. Schneider


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WATER: A Vic Bengston Investigation

by Richard J. Schneider

$2.99- July 19, 2014

A powerful political figure is found dead in Denver’s South Platte River, the source of vital water sought by farmers, land developers, and politicians.

Investigative reporter Vic Bengston, a baby boomer returning to journalism after 25 years in the corporate world, gets the sensational first day story on a fluke. But then his editors pull him off the story, turning it over to the “old pros.”

Bucking the cops and his bosses, Vic chases down leads on his own, taking him to the heights of Colorado political power, into the life and death struggle over water in farm country and, finally, to a deadly confrontation with the killer.


“Great mystery! Very hard to put down. Found the plot woven into the water rights issues in Colorado very interesting. Grabs your attention immediately, setting your mind in a tizzy trying to figure out who did it. Thirsty for Water. Situations are contemporary and the political background completely believable. The Vic Bengston series should gain many devoted readers as it unfolds. Much more than your typical who-done-it. Controlling water (the substance) is crucial to Colorado’s economy, and Water (the book) does an exceptional job of explaining that, plus it is an interesting tale.” Amazon reviewer


99cents-Legal Thriller Series “The Advocate” by Teresa Burrell

The advocate

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The Advocate by Teresa Burrell

99cents July 19-29, 2014

The Advocate, a legal suspense murder mystery, is the first book in The Advocate Series. Three characters continue throughout the series, Sabre Orin Brown, defense attorney, her investigator, JP Torn, and her colleague, Bob Clark. 

The Advocate is followed by The Advocate’s Betrayal, The Advocate’s Conviction, The Advocate’s Dilemma, and The Advocate’s Ex Parte.


 See what Reviewers are saying:

“Need a break from stories about ivory tower law firms and want to get down and dirty in the streets? My wife is a legal thriller junkie and told me it was the best novel she read in years. I do not usually read her type of books but told her I would see how I liked it. Well I did not like it, I loved it and finished the book in three days. The story tugs on your heart while you are on the edge of your seat, strange combination, but it works and works well.” Nick Chile,, Amazon

“Very exciting story lines. looking forward to reading the whole series. good book series to take on my vacation, can’t wait!!!!” Alena Sue Easton, Amazon


FREE – Suspense in “A New Dawn Rising” by Michael Joseph


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 A New Dawn Rising by Michael Joseph 

 FREE July 19-23, 2014

Haunted by the loss of his wife and young daughter, reclusive ex-cop Sam Carlisle is offered a job working for wealthy businessman Carl Renshaw. An opportunity to move on and make a fresh start. But when Carl is murdered, the police suspect Sam is responsible, forcing him to hunt down the real killer himself. Only someone doesn’t want Sam Carlisle finding out the truth… 

See what reviewers are saying;
“The story is very good with enough plot and turns to make this a compelling read with an interesting character.” ChristophFischerBooks, Amazon Reviewer.

“Enjoyed this book and author would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a thrilling suspense and a great story line.” Patti Burkhalter, Amazon Reviewer. 




$2.99- Mystery, Adventure in “A Dangerous Harbor” by RP Dahlke

A Dangerous_Harbor by RP Dahlke

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A Dangerous Harbor by RP Dahlke

 $2.99 on Kindle

When Katrina Hunter is forced to shoot her sister’s stalker, she takes the required leave of absence from the SF police department as her one chance for a long over-due sailing vacation. But discovering a floater close to her first port-of-call in Baja, Mexico will change everything she knows about dealing with crooks, liars, cheaters and murder.

Adding to her troubles is handsome Italian-Mexican inspector, Raul Vignaroli, who ferrets out the one secret that could get her fired. But now that the inspector has the tool he needs to tie her to a murder investigation involving Americans in his port, what will he do with his growing attraction to this pretty young woman?

In spite of the inspector’s blackmailing techniques, there’s a mutual attraction between this lonely inspector and the pretty American sailor–but can Katy trust her heart, and the inspector’s own dangerous secrets?

What Reviewers are saying:

“This is a thrilling mystery that captivates the reader. Each chapter brings something new for the reader to sink their teeth into. The character development is good and everything is clear and precise. Definitely a recommendation to anyone who likes murder mysteries.”Nikki Clark, Amazon

“This is a fun read especially for those who have lived on their boats in marinas. Somes up the cruising community well” Gerald Thompson, Amazon/Kindle

“I would read more books by RP Dahlke. It was a good mystery to read on a… Continue reading

FREE-Codename:Moneyman by Mark Arundel

MONEYMAN-destroy-sizeCodename: Moneyman by Mark Arundel 

 FREE July 17, 2014

File no.1 in the “Codename File” series is the action-packed, thrilling story of one elite super-soldier who must uncover international espionage or die trying… Can he find the spy planted in the very heart of London? 


 See what reviewers are saying:

“If you are the type that like escapades of James BOND AND BOURNE You are going to like these characters.” by Nick/Nancy Minford, Amazon


“I like mysteries and political intrigue. The story made sense and it was easy to like the hero. I would recommend and I will read more of mr. Arundel’s books.” Stitcher, Amazon


“I really didn’t think I would ever read a better book of this genere than ‘Own Goal’ by J.G. Rickards, well, I just did! This book is outstanding. Intrigue, suspence, espionage, it has the lot IN SPADES! I hope the rest of the series are as good, I’ll let you know.” Claudia Calvis, Amazon


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